Collins the Gorilla and a piece of candy

by Kate Brodock on 14 September 2007

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Firstly, my apologies for the hiatus. I was travelling, at a wedding, driving to Atlanta and starting school this week, all of which required a large amount of my brain power.

This commercial, literally, rocks. Before you even see anything, you hear the unmistakable entrance of Phil Collins In the Air Tonight in the background, a puff of hair, and then the face of a gorilla. You’re not sure what the connection between the gorilla and the song is, but it sure looks a lot like Phil’s music video itself…. eyes closed, pondering life and breathing in the air. Then the drum set appears, and you anxiously ponder yourself, “Is he going to start playing? Please tell me he’s going to start playing.” Sure enough, he rocks out on the drums.

What does this have to do with candy? Cadbury’s tagline, “A glass and a half full of joy” may have been purposely left vague for exactly this reason. They were able to create an ad here that’s seemingly unconnected to chocolate, and tie it in wonderfully with the joy of life. Not only does that gorilla demonstrate his own joy during the song, but the audience definitely gets some joy out of it. Is there anyone that actually doesn’t like that song?

Kudos to Cadbury (and Fallon, their agency).

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