Learning and Thinking

by Kate Brodock on 23 September 2007

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I think I wrote in my other blog about one of my current Teaching Assistant positions… it’s for Joey Reiman of BrightHouse. BrightHouse works with companies of all sizes to help them capture (or re-capture) their “Master Idea.” Part of what this entails is a focus on the true ethos of a company. As Joey often says, traditional advertising and/or marketing companies tend to focus on tactics or strategy, especially when dealing with internal branding (which , by default, directly effects what your external brand portrays). BrightHouse goes right to the core of the company, starting with the culture and digging right down into the real company ethos (the deepest level you can reach).

The reason I’m bringing this up is not necessarily to talk about BrightHouse, but more to talk about the process they use to achieve their results. Are you ready for this? It’s thinking. No joke. They literally take a significant amount of time thinking and brainstorming. BrightHouse assembles panel-like sessions from its cadre of enormously influential people in various fields (usually they are matched according to the industry of the client company, however, there is also an effort to get thinkers from outside the field to add a new view).

And what do they do at the end? They sell their idea to the company. There’s not a campaign, or a poster design, or a new commercial. Just an idea.

It’s a beautiful thing. To me, thinking is the most crucial action in life (aright, perhaps involuntary actions like… I dunno, breathing, might be more crucial, you get me though). Thinking is what separates the men from boys. You can’t act effectively without thinking. And the more you can broaden your thought process in general, the more effective and diverse your thinking will be when it’s needed the most (execution).

There should be more thinking in the world as far as I’m concerned. So pick up a book, or ask your coworker what her hobbies are (and then ask her about those), or watch a pigeon in the park, or a kids cartoon. Something. Anything. Get the juices flowing.

Aright, I feel like I just preached the power of thinking. I did preach the power of thinking. I’m allowed one soap-box entry a month, how about that? Then I’ll stop and be funny next time.

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