9-5 Workday?

by Kate Brodock on 1 November 2007

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I just read a posting by Lorenzo Romero on AdAge, concerning 9-5 workdays and their importance.

I’d like to second the comment by Gunther Sonnenfeld at the bottom of Lorenzo’s posting concerning face-time. I have a fairly large sore spot from this concept…. I just don’t get it. Face-time, I feel, is usually a waste of time somewhere during the mandatory 8 hours in the office, as well as the additional tie spent in the office just because you feel you should and it will make a good impression. What happened to making an impression based on the quality of work that people deliver? There are people out there that can work quickly and effectively and produce results that are sometimes far superior than those who may have spent more time on the same project. Should those people be demerited because they went home at 5:30 instead of 7:30?

In addition to this, I’ve spoken to a few people in the industry who end up not having work to do at various points during the week, for whatever reason. Yes, they usually go out and get proactive and ask for work to do, but what happens if there just isn’t any at that time? Yup, they sit in the office on Facebook.

I’m very much a project-oriented person, I work much better and more efficiently that way. I also work well with mental stimulation. I’ll bring attention to a previous posting I had on Learning and Thinking, which touches on the concept that BrightHouse uses. Constantly thinking, and thinking outside the box. It what makes the company run, and makes them successfully help other companies to run. Divergent thinking is key. They definitely take creative excursions. Do they do real work though? You bet. And they work hard. And each and every one of them will tell you how effective those brainstorming sessions are to their work.

Now, maybe some agencies are doing all this creative thinking stuff because it’s a trend, the other guy is doing it, we should too. That, I agree, is a bad reason to do it. But there are companies out there that are actually valuing the idea of taking a moment to think, and taking a moment to think outside the box. Some people can do that in a 9-5 office setting, but if they can’t, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with letting your employees get quality work done when they can.

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