by Kate Brodock on 24 December 2007

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We all remember the wicked light show put on by some guy in Ohio that got picked up by Miller Lite, right? If not, here’s a reminder:

So, Miller bought the rights to the Tran-Siberian Orchestra song, and put on their own light show outside their Miller House, as seen below:

Now, if you watch all three minutes of this clip, as I just did while searching for it, you see that it’s actually a pretty decent light show, complete with fireworks.

However, I had originally intended to write this post as an anti-Miller rant, and I still am. Here’s why. When I saw the small clip (from this three minutes) that Miller chose to put on the TV as part of their Christmas commercial, I was so unbelievably disappointed with the end result, I accused Miller (in my head of course) of horrible advertising, and felt embarrassed for them. After watching the full clip, I still think so. They couldn’t have chosen a part that had more lights, fireworks, whatever? The part they chose was the beginning, and it almost looked like a mini version of the Miller House that someone had rigged up to flash to the song, and that they were going to rely on the song popularity to draw people in. But no, they just messed up and picked the worst part of the clip they could.

So this will remain an anti-Miller rant.

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