When you become the brand you love….

by Kate Brodock on 22 January 2008

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I have a quick comment to make before I head to ski country for the week.

After watching the AFC Championship on Saturday, the one where the Pats kicked butt, I couldn’t help but notice how awful the fans were, and how poorly it reflecting on the Patriots.  At the end of the game, after the Pats had already won, Junior Seau got up to say a few words, as he was playing his old team.

Seau made good and congratulated San Diego on a great game…. and much to my surprise, the entire stadium started to boo….they Booed!!!

All I could think of was how awful that was, as a stadium of fans who’s team just won, to actually boo the losing team.  Then, I of course thought of the Boston Red Sex fans, all basically the same, and how they’re possibly the worst fans in the MLB.  I can’t count on one hand when I’ve seen a positive showing of Sportsmanship from the fans of Boston.

Ok, so they’re the fans.  Does that matter?  I say it does.  I think it reflects horribly on the team itself.  It definitely wasn’t his job, but I almost wish Junior had yelled at them.

I know, as a fan, you’re supposed to hate the other team.  But you should only hate them like the players on the field do, and most (please note I said most) players on the field hate their opponents with a very deep level of respect (really, I wouldn’t classify it as hate, they’re athletes, playing a sport, team-against-team, but I’m trying to cut the fans a little bit of slack).

Respect the other team, respect the sport, and respect your own teams image.  No one wants the Pats, or the Sox, to be known for horrible fans.  Let them be known for the awesome sports teams that they are.

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