Favorite commercial.

by Kate Brodock on 4 February 2008

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Parade balloons fight for a Coke.

You know it’s a good commercial when everyone in the room starts rooting for balloons. They couldn’t have picked better balloon characters (Stewie? Come on, that was brilliant). It was suspenseful (I looked around the room and everyone had gone silent watching this clip, we were seriously into it). Great graphics (but we knew Coke had that already, based on last year’s stellar graphically enhanced commercials). Slightly a bummer when Charlie Brown came in (and won… I was gunning for Stewie), but when you think about, they got all age groups on that one. What 60+ year old doesn’t remember Charlie Brown?

Well done. As I said, I don’t even really like soda, but Coke, yet again, got my favorite commercial of the year award.

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