Halftime check in

by Kate Brodock on 3 February 2008

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First off, a quick shout-out to Firebrand:

A quick recap of the commercials I liked, the ones I didn’t like and the ones I can’t figure out if I like or not.

1) Tide commercial and My Talking Stain. How true is this situation? This commercial was spot on. Worst that can happen is having a stain on your shirt, and nothing else matters. Quick fix, Tide. Well done.
2) Pepsi drinker sucks Timberlake through time. Surprisingly, the amount of time they dragged this out didn’t matter. It was effective, funny. Isn’t going to necessarily get me to buy Pepsi, but that’s because I don’t like soda and don’t really want to go see Timberlake. Ask a 15 year old girl, the answer will probably be different.
3) T-Mobile commercials with Charles Barkley and D-Wade. Sorry, they’re just funny. Hilarious really.
4) Planters commercial with the ugly chick. This is original. I love it because you’re never going to think it’s because this chick is rubbing Planters on herself. They make her repulsive, and it’s even more effective. If I were in the aisle of the grocery store, I would buy Planters because of this commercial (can’t really stop the comments from this one).
5) Bud Light nerd gets lady. They just know how to make advertising. Some may say humor is a cop out, but if it works every time, that’s an accomplishment not many can poll off.
6) Bridgestone tires misses squirrel. Liked it, it was cute, my emotions on it aren’t much higher than that. It wasn’t bad.

Didn’t like:
1) Toyota keeps the badgers asleep. Random? I don’t like commercials where you feel like 15 people sat around a room, possibly with the help of alcohol, and started shouting out random scenarios until people were laughing hard enough, and not likely from the story but just because they couldn’t stop laughing at that point.
2) Life Water awakens the lizards. Yeah. Dumb.

1) Doritos mouse. I thought it was going one way, turned out another way, but one that didn’t really get me. a little bit random, I see where they were going, but feel like they could have done better. One of those first-half-was-good-but-then-it-dropped.
2) CareerBuilder quits. Until the end, I thought this was going to be an anti-smoking ad, or some NIH ad. And it was Career Builders. I laughed at the end, but a lot of advertising is emotions, and the majority of the time of that commercials, my emotions were somewhere else, not where Career Builders probably wanted them.

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