Last half wrap-up….sort of.

by Kate Brodock on 4 February 2008

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Same format, although I must warn you I missed several because cheering for the Giants took precedence.  Forgive me if there are gaps, I’m actually someone who also likes to watch the game.

I liked:
1) Shaq is a jockey.  I actually only liked this because I like horse racing, I’m not sure how I feel about the message it’s trying to get across.
2) Bug Light endorsement by Will Farrell.  Again, Bud Light just being Bud Light, and they do it better when Will Farrell helps.
3) Amp charges your car.  God, I’m still laughing about this, and it was completely unexpected.  Hilarious.

Didn’t like:
1) Career Builders and the  sparked-out dreams.  They were really hit or miss this year.  Although they did clearly put a lot of resources into the Super Bowl.  I’m willing to bet it paid off.
2) Gatorade gets dog slurping.  This was just a huge disappointment.  The commercial was going so well, had real potential, and then, boom, anti-climatic.
3) American Idol hears Roethlisberger.  Nope, just didn’t grab my attention.  It was a little too cheesy and forced for me.
4) Tubb gum gets you Carmen.  I think it was Tubb gum. I can’t even remember because the commercial was awful, and no offense to Carmen, but she looked horrible in it too.

I’m not sure:
1) Airtran let’s you tackle your boss.  The thing about this was that it was definitely funny, but I thought immediately of Southwest (I thought it was going to be a Southwest commercial for a few seconds).  That’s definitely not something the Airtran wants me to be thinking.  I’m not sure if they were trying to one up the humor on Southwest’s recent campaign, but they may have mirrored it a little too closely.

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