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by Kate Brodock on 23 February 2008

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This is quite ironic, but I’ve been meaning to make a list of some of my favorite women bloggers for a few weeks now, after realizing that most of the people on my professional blog roll are men (something that’s changed since this realization). Back to the ironic part, one of the women I was going to put on this list, Valeria Moltoni and her Conversation Agent blog, published her partial list just yesterday morning, the very day it was on my TO DO FOR REAL list. Well, I told her that I would go ahead and post my list anyway (personal apologies to Valeria, my hands were moving too fast this morning and I typed her name as “Valerie”). So here goes! [Please note, these are in no particular order at all, and they only include the "business" blogs.]

1) Well, Valeria’s blog is mentioned above. It’s main focus is new media, social media. It’s well-informed, but feels like I’m sitting down having a casual conversation, which I like in blogs.

2) Susan Wu’s blog is one of the only Venture Capital blogs out there written by a women (let me know if I’m wrong on this, I haven’t done the most extensive search, but I did at least try), which is refreshing.

3) Tara Hunt uses her blog, HorsePigCow to add refreshing dose of constructive criticism to the marketing field, despite her title as Online Marketing Professional.

4) An entrepreneurial Pamela Slim talks about getting into the start-up world in her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation.

5) Coupled with Josh Bernoff (who usually posts), Charlene Li has some substantial things to say on their Forrester blog that deals with their book Groundswell.

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