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by Kate Brodock on 25 March 2008

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Well, now Spring Break is officially over, so I’ll resume blogging activities.  I didn’t actually leave Boston, but was attempting to really nail a few things down during the week (I got most of them done!).

At the moment, I’m pushing my way through somewhat of a thesis nightmare.  To make a long story short, I lost my original adviser (after the due date for thesis topics, of course), tabled that particular topic, got some advise from various people to go a route that ended up not working out, and am now on Round 4 of the draft tomorrow.  I’ve decided I’m going to just try and write on a topic that I know I can completely immerse myself in during the next month without feeling the unnecessary tug of tedious information on me…. I’m thinking something on the international expansion of one of the three:  Zara, Google, or Whole Foods.

I’ve done work on all three of these in the past, which is most of the reason I’m choosing the topics.  In terms of Zara, I did some analysis, based on a case study, on its position in the early 2000s, and tried to identify an effective program for their supply chains (or lack thereof) for the years following.  I might try to expand on that and reasses its position right now.

For Google, I specifically looked at the US market for its new “phone” (it will not or should not develop a phone, but I’m using the term to identify the overall debate that’s taking place).  Maybe I can extend that into possibilities in certain international markets?

And for Whole Foods, we (it was a group project, which will make it difficult for people at Fletcher to accept it as an option) had looked at whether or not Whole Foods should enter into the South African marketplace (it should not) and developed a full plan (which we had to decide on, for class purposes, even though our initial half-semester of work told us that we shouldn’t enter).

Any thoughts?

I’ll let you know soon what they let me do.  I have to convince them that work done at Emory is usable for a Fletcher thesis…

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