Permission from the masses

by Kate Brodock on 1 March 2008

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I wanted to make a quick comment on permission (permission emailing, permission marketing all that good stuff).  I’m going to use a specific example to illustrate why people are still not getting the concept of permission.

We all know the billions of Facebook of groups out there.  I get invites to them all the time, most I ignore, some I get excited about, and some I join because a friend wants me to.  Regardless of the reason, what this means is that I’m on the list.

I have one or two groups that I joined because they’re clients of a friend of mine.  And these one or two groups, at times, take up about 50% of my inbox.  It’s unbelievable.  I don’t read them, because there are too many.

Back to my point. Because you have access to my inbox (whether it’s email or Facebook or what have you), that doesn’t mean you yet have my permission.  There needs to be an extra step (or two…or three) that shows me not only the you know what to do with that access, but also that you respect the fact that you have it.  Once you’ve reached that point, you have my permission.

When my inbox is overflowed, my permission is retracted, and regardless of whether you can email me, I’m not paying attention.

Getting an audiences permission is not a simple, one-step process.  You have to figure out how to use your access.  Just because I walk into your store, doesn’t mean that I asked you for over-the-shoulder pestering to try on clothes, and it also doesn’t meant that tactic is going to work.  Let me be in your space, check things out.  You can lead me in the right direction and help me out, but pay attention to my cues and respond to them accordingly.


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