Two good commercials in a row?

by Kate Brodock on 14 March 2008

Posted in: Media Analysis

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I’m officially on “Spring Break,” although that doesn’t ring as well as it did in undergrad. Truth be told, I will be spending the week writing my thesis and setting up some important things for the new company. I’ll pretend it’s warm in Boston. What that means is I’ll probably watch CSI: Miami at some point today, since A&E tends to play about 76 episodes every day.

Anyway, I had the overwhelming desire to post something because I actually just saw two commercials…in a row… that I thought were pretty good. Yeah, you can tell I don’t get this thought very often.

The first one was for United Methodist Church (I can’t find the video online at the moment… remember, I was supposed to be relaxing and reading the news right now…..I’ll post when I can find it).  It was a bunch of people walking around smiling, but of them had TV screens wrapped around their necks, showing depictions of themselves  in their “true” moods.  Most of them were angry or sad inside.  At the end, they offer to help you find your way, while a wonderfully peaceful looking older lady walks on the beach smiling.  I’ll admit, I’m not a huge woohoo church fan, but this pulls at your compassionate emotions enough that if there were someone who was feeling some emotional distress, this could actually be pretty effective.

The second one was a little diddy by Avis (also can’t find, don’t hate me, I haven’t sat on this couch without readings or work in a while!).  It was a car, an old, green car that sort of looks like a Honda Prelude, in a parking garage, and he’s talking to himself as his “owner” approaches.  He’s mumbling, upset that she’s gone away for a few days, left him there to stare at the wall.  But more importantly, he’s upset because she cheated on him, with Hybrid car she rented from Avis, which he smells on her.  It’s a great commercial.  His babbling is not only funny, but it tells you what Avis wants you to know.  Well done.

Ok, back the news.  I’ve got a nice little list of blog topics that have piled up the past few weeks, so expect a few to come….

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