Global new media?

by Kate Brodock on 5 May 2008

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An area of interest of mine is international similarities/differences, especially in emerging markets. Another “area of interest” is finding opportunities (which can be a pain in the butt sometimes when your mind keeps turning and it’s 2am and you haven’t gone to sleep yet, but is usually rewarding). The following is a good example of what I mean.

In our last Central Asia and the Caucasus class two weeks ago, we were discussing our possible roles as future “international people” (our school has yet to come up with one title for all of our graduates who are getting Masters in International Relations. International people does the trick for now). Our professor is great because he always pushes us on the applicability of our degree, which makes me breath a sigh of relief after three years (sweet, we’re going to actually use this stuff!).

Anyway, so here I am, about to go into the new media field, and we’re talking about the political, economical and social structure of Central Asia. Essentially, the small business world in most countries in this region is very limited under the governments (I’ll stop at that, as this topic alone could probably take up five blog posts alone). Business skills are likewise limited.

In a round about way, I came to the question of: What does new media mean in countries like this? If I were to have a project in, say, Kazakhstan, in what form would it be?

Countries/regions/companies/you-name-it have varying skill sets and varying levels of skill. A highly interactive social media site which might work here just won’t fly in many countries. But does that mean that new media is useless to them? Does it mean they haven’t reached new media levels, as we’ve* described them yet? Or does the definition of new media change for every scenario? Is their new media a simpler version of ours (or vice versa, as I’m sure there are international players beating “us”), but still considered new media? Is new media relative or comparative?

It can best be depicted by the below:

As you can see, a “simple” solution might be enough in a less developed new media environment, and, in terms of what’s needed, will be a more complete solution.

What does this say about new media cross-border? I welcome your comments.

* Don’t read too much into “we” or “us,” I only mean more developed vs less developed new media, where I consider the people probably reading this post to be at least familiar with more developed new media capabilities.

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