Portability, consolidation and the web

by Kate Brodock on 20 May 2008

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I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get overwhelmed at the number of outlets there are available on the web.  The tools, the networks, the communities, the blogs the whatever.  And I’m even working in the space.  Imagine how my mom must feel! (scratch that, she has the pleasure of ignorance being bliss and only uses about three tools… she needs no more).

It brings up an interesting idea.  How far will our webs spread and grow before they break?  Will it become too much?  Or will everything consolidate into one?  An internet monopoly if you will? So far, the latter seems the least likely.  But it’s not hard to imagine that our online presence could become unwieldy, and soon.  The best picture that comes to mind is the one of our end-of-semester decision tree in DIA, where the problem was so enormous that it took up three pages to make the tree, and had about fifty end points.

Enter portability.  I think this is one of the most promising capabilities available today for people who do a lot of online social “stuff.”  The ability to transfer data, preferences, profiles, information etc across the multitude of sites with ease.  Limit logins and memberships and a ton of “things” to keep track of.  Limit the number of websites that are open (wouldn’t it be great if you could have one feed for everything from your favorite blogs, to Twitter, to stocks, to Facebook posts to you name it…).  More and more programs like these are popping up, and I don’t think it’s over.  As long as the platform works and can handle the ever-changing influx of new “things” to keep track of, more power to you.

Is there anyone out there who has their favorite tool that offers some level of portability?  Leave your comments and share the love.

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