The New Discovery commercial

by Kate Brodock on 21 May 2008

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I absolutely love this new Discovery commercial…. and can’t get enough of it.  The best part is that I actually sang omdiada (or whatever it is they say, boomdiada…) today walking down the street and it absolutely gave me a hop in my step…

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    Using social media either for business or individual purposes does have its pros and cons and that is just normal even with other strategies. A careful planning and implementation is needed on this kind of thing.

  • MyTradeZone

    Great article – I think you really highlight that current social media sites are not ideal for B2B companies.

    We have realized this and we have recently launched a beta version of a B2B social media site, which targets the specific needs of businesses, including lead generation.  The key difference for MyTradeZone is that only businesses can sign up and create their company profile, list products or services, request price quotes, and even follow other businesses.

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