Follow up: Measurement & Strategy

by Kate Brodock on 11 September 2008

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I finally caught up on my RSS reading, and came across a few recent articles that address some of the issues we’ve been dealing with here on the blog, and thought I’d throw them out there.

Measurement: On 26 August, Anya wrote a piece on Measurement.

In an article written for iMedia, Jay Kulkarni wrote a great post on viral metrics and their importance.  It offers a few great specifics on measurement techniques.

Conversely, AdAge’s Eric Webber wrote about some of the ambiguities of the new media space and how you just plain can’t measure everything.  An equally important argument as far as I’m concerned.

Strategy: On 30 July, I wrote about the importance of strategy in new media marketing.

Reid Carr, also writing for iMedia, wrote about how the focus on tactics and lack of focus on strategy may be contributing to the lack of dollars being put into digital.  We agree, although think that people are catching on to the need for strategy, which can only be a good thing for the industry.  You can read his post here.

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