New Marketing Summit: Convincing Management About Social Media

by Kate Brodock on 14 October 2008

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Session: Selling Up – Convincing Senior Management about Social Media

Panelists: Brian Cavoli, VP of Agency Marketing of Digital Influence Group; Laura Fitton, Founder of Pistachio Consulting; Lawrence Liu, Director of Platform Strategy of Telligent.  Moderator: David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist of World Wide Rave.

David: Who do we convince them?

Laura: Step off about how cool this stuff is.  Be respectful of their positions, and demonstrate value.  If this stuff is handled correctly, we can show measurable results.

David: Lawrence, how might you have done stuff like this at Microsoft [previous company]?

Lawrence: Measurements and stats will matter more in the next year.  It will be interesting to see when people will stop asking about ROI and start focusing on doing more with the tools.

Brian: Social media has changed in the past few years, it’s become a lot more of a business decision and showing the impact it’ll have on business.  What’s it’s value?  It’s more of an economic discussion about what it’s bringing to the table.

David: What do you guys feel are the “right” things to measure?

Brian: It’s a whole new opportunity to measure.  You can really get to the quality of discussions as opposed to just straight data.  You have more than just things like volume.

Lawrence: Content is Queen and Conversion is King.  You can get down to a granular level with a lot of data.  There is a second level of metrics, and they will become more important.  Also, how many people are creating the content?  Not just using or receiving the content?

Laura:  Start with the business goals you’re trying to achieve.  Too many people are focused on little numbers.  Measure the business result, not what leads to that.

David: We know who should be creating the social media strategy, but who should be executing?

Laura: Everybody. In terms of budget, think first about what could be done better with some of these tools and then think about budget.

Brian: Every group in the organization can benefit from being involved.

Lawrence: There’s a ton of inertia going on with existing business processes with new ones that makes for really great opportunities.

David: Is there a policy that needs to be instituted within a company?

Brian: I think information about what can be done is good, but not necessarily a policy of what you can’t do.

Lawrence: Microsoft’s blogging policy is “Blog Smart.” Think also about when new people come on, training not just on standard policy, but on new tools a well.

David: The one most important tip to convince senior management of social media.  Mine is asking them when the last time that the management went to Google vs email.  They inevitably say Google.

Brian: Marketing efficiency of social media.

Laura: It has to be diagnostic.  Pull up Twitter search right in a client meeting and search their brand.  Tie it in directly.

Lawrence: Ask them if they know who your customers are?  most of them will not know (whether they admit it or not) and they will realize the opportunity for social media.

David: Should we be measuring all of these tool usages?

Laura: In the area of customer outreach, there are a lot of easy things you can be measuring.

Brian: You have to measure in order to know if these things are working.

Lawrence: Say that you can measure.  Once you show it, after a few months, you won’t have to.

David: Try it and just do it!

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  • Resource Management Software

    Terrific interview – thank you for sharing it!

  • Resource Management Software

    Terrific interview – thank you for sharing it!

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