Other Side Group Best Posts Part I

by Kate Brodock on 31 August 2009

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We thought we’d scrounge up a list of past blog posts that have either been very popular, or that we think need scrounging up. The original plan was to give you everything from the start, but, since we slacked off in January and didn’t do a 2008 round-up, we’re giving you two installments.  The first set are the best posts from 2008.  Stay tuned for more!

8 Marketing Blunders of 200831 December 2008
This was a fun wrap-up of some of 2008′s greatest marketing mess-ups.

Return on Investment: Some thoughts on the “ROI and Social Media” discussion12 November 2008
This post needs no explanation. We talked about ROI and social media.

To Blog or Not to Blog30 September 2008
5 questions to ask yourself before you start blogging.

Best Practices in Social Media9 September 2008
Put new media concepts in terms the person will understand, based on standards and terms that are already used frequently in the communication and business community.

SEO in Layman’s Terms4 September 2008
Explain SEO to your dad, literally.

Measuring Success in New Media26 August 2008
The importance of goal setting and how it plays into the measurement possibilities for a social media program.

Has New Media Left Strategy in the Dust?30 July 2008
Strategy should be the most important thing – and the first thing – that companies should focus on when getting involved in social media.  Here’s why.

Ways to Organize Your Life10 June 2008
6 ways to help you get yourself organized online and offline.

Did we forget anything?

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