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by Kate Brodock on 5 October 2009

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I decided it was a good time to rein in on the many social connections I have and that we’ve set up for the Other Side Group.  I started out by going through the list and drawing it out…. it’s a little messy, but it got the job done.

I wrote down every outpost (and threw in blogs there) and drew arrows to determine where the connections were.  From there, I was able to get a better picture of where all the content was going and coming from.

A few things I was able to do:

  1. Clean up (I don’t use Jaiku or Tumblr, so I deleted the accounts)
  2. Find overlaps (For instance, I have Twitter fed into Friendfeed, but I also had Twitter fed into BrightKite, which fed into Friendfeed, so it was posting twice)
  3. See what I use the most (I use Twitter and Facebook)
  4. Find holes (Could we maximize our company LinkedIn page more?)
  5. Identify hidden potential (I’m thinking Posterous might play a larger role in the future)
  6. Ask questions (I have a lot of stuff going into FriendFeed, but don’t ever actually use it… is it doing me good? Is that best practice for social media usage?)

It was a fun exercise, and I was able to learn a lot, and get a grasp on what all of my social media tools were doing for me out there.  I’d highly suggest it for all of you heavy-users!

If you want to connect to me or to Other Side Group on any of these platforms:

Other Side Group

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Portfolio (Still needs work)

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