Brain Zap: Blog comments, Social media and wine, and Top 5

by Kate Brodock on 8 August 2010

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Time for some more brain juice to get you going…..

Are Blog Comments Dead? (Justin Levy, 30 July) Increasingly bloggers are concerned that even though they know that their posts are being shared through other channels, that their communities still aren’t commenting on their posts.  It’s a completely understandable feeling.  You work hard at putting together a thought or position, flesh it out, find an engaging photo or video to help enhance your point and then publish it to the world……

The Ultimate Pairing: How to Leverage Social Media to Increase (Wine) Sales (The Buzz Bin, 4 August)  Imagine how the average wine drinking Joe feels. He just wants a nice spicy red to go with his hanger steak, and everywhere he turns, there is a different piece of advice, and in every wine shop, a thousand bottles to choose from. What’s a vino lover to do? In walks social media…..

Social Media Top 5: Five Years From Now, People Will Still be Making Know-Nothing Predictions (Doug Haslam, 5 August) Thoughts on what’s happening in the social media space, and what’s to come in the future.

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