5 Great Resources to Maximize the SEO of your Online Content

by Kate Brodock on 22 October 2010

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B2B SEO: Content Sourcing and Optimization – Asking the right questions when sourcing content for search engine and social media optimization can reveal substantial assets that many marketers didn’t even think of using. This article suggests several key questions to ask, as well as identifies topics related to these different types of content and media for optimization, giving you a better picture of what you have to work with.

How to Make SEO Friendly Copy – In the right hands, SEO friendly copy doesn’t have to sound unnatural. If written by someone with a good understanding of how to optimise content for SEO but who is also a skilled writer then there is no reason why the content needs to be any less user-friendly than it is search friendly.

Maximizing Online Content to Fuel Conversation, ConversionsBtoB interviewd Paul Kenjora is founder and CTO of Arkayne Inc. about how strong and appropriate online content can inspire conversations, nurture leads and boost conversions.

Webinar: How to Use SEO and Social Search for Lead Generation – This HubSpot webinarcovers how businesses must adapt and optimize their websites in order to remain competitive. Learn how to get found using SEO and social search to generate more traffic and leads online. [Note: must fill out small form for webinar access].

10 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly – If you’re going to put the effort into keeping up a blog, you might as well optimize it so search engines and, more importantly, readers can find your content.  This article highlights 10 blog SEO tips that may help you out, whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just getting started.

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