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by Kate Brodock on 29 October 2010

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Cranking Out Content (Chris Brogan, 28 October) – Blogging is tricky. Thinking up blog topics can take a lot of effort. Depending on what you’re covering, it can start to feel in short supply like you’ve covered every possible angle on your topic of interest. Further, as you get busy, your dedication to blogging often falls away. Here are some thoughts on how to crank out good content consistently.

Curating Information as Content Strategy (Conversation Agent, 26 October) Content, which is anything that informs, educates, or entertain online, is your business digital body language….It is more attractive to buy from a business that has its act together. You find out through search.

Get a Head Start on Blogging by Post-Dating a Month of Content (HubSpot, 28 October) You’ve heard time and again that posting frequently and consistently on your blog is one of the keys to generating traffic and leads.  Finding the time to blog weekly or daily can be tough – but there are some easy ways to get ahead of the curve so you can post with the right frequency at the most optimal times.

Is Content Marketing a Necessity for your Brand? (Convince and Convert, 6 October) The current level of social media chatter is essentially zero. It’s difficult to make listening and opportunistic engagement the nucleus of your approach when there’s nothing to listen or respond to in the first place.

Measuring What Matters (KD Paine, 25 October) Too many clients come to us thinking that they need to capture every single mention of their brand that happens anywhere. In reality, in today’s media environment, it just isn’t possible.

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