Guest post: @tracytilly on blogging as a job recruiter in Syracuse

by Kate Brodock on 17 November 2010

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Today we have a guest post by Tracy Tillapough, or Tracy Tilly.  Tracy is a Technical Recruiter at Professionals Incorporated in Syracuse, NY and a Job Coach Consultant. She’s passionate about helping people find their next best career through providing job search advice culled from her 4+ years working as a recruiter. Tracy manages Professionals Incorporate, the agenciy’s blog, geared toward job seekers.  She writes about her experiences with the blogging process, and how her team has been able to provide the most value to their audience.  You can also find Tracy on Twitter: @tracytilly.

Approaching my Vice President of Sales and Marketing about yet another social media outlet was something I thought would be difficult. I was looking to start a company blog after reading about other firms’ successes. Due to the amount of time it could take to maintain a blog, I did not think she would be interested in moving forward with this project.

Luckily, she recognized the value and we started the blog right away. Our company likes to be on the cutting edge of new marketing techniques. We are daring and ready to tackle new projects. We’re also going to stop if a project yields few results.

We started the blog with a rotating schedule in order to lessen the time that our social media team would have to spend on it. Our blog has been giving us a voice for five months now and we have seen many employees participate; this allows us to create unique content with unique viewpoints. We each tell our tales about our industry in a way that teaches a lesson to the reader. In the recruiting industry, and many others, there are so many hindsight observations that we learn from as we grow, and disclosing this information to our readers is our way of helping people learn from others’ mistakes!

From a confidentiality perspective, we have a lot to think about, especially when we’re writing case studies.  We make sure to go light on the identifying characteristics of the people we are discussing and heavy on the lesson to learn. Many individuals can learn from a general rule and in the recruiting industry this is very important.

Procedurally, while I maintain our company blogs, each person that contributes writes their post and sends it to me to proof. Our recruiters have thoroughly enjoyed having their own voice in this way and to provide advice to job seekers, all while putting their own personality, experience and humor in their respective posts.

We blog for many reasons. We blog to help job seekers. We blog to discuss tough issues in the job search. We blog to teach others a lesson. We blog to explain what we do so that others understand. Most importantly we blog to engage with others.

I am not the first person nor the last to say that marketing has taken a turn from a mass media perspective to an individualized, personal, engagement perspective. At our company, we want to make sure that we’re reaching out to others, giving the content to help them, and then being top of mind when they are ready for a new position. We want to be their first call.

We have found that giving back to our community with job seeker advice has been very positive. It has given us a voice that allows us to have a conversation with job seekers. Selfishly we hope that our bits of advice on the blog will in turn provide us with educated and professional job seekers that have learned about recruiting and finding a job through us!

Our content works because it is what we know. We love to bake, work out and use social media but we aren’t specialist in those topics. We recruit so we write about recruiting!

While our focus on writing two blog posts each week is important, we also maintain other social media outlets for similar purposes. Our company twitter account, @SyracuseJobs, posts jobs, interacts with other tweeps, posts inspirational quotes and is a way for us to share our blog. We have less participation with our employees on twitter as it is a media that requires more constant attention than our blog post schedule. We also utilize Facebook to share company pictures and news, job postings, information and, again, sharing our latest blog post.

Each piece of our social media effort is there to complement another piece. We strive to create relevant content to reach out to others and we engage with everyone to make sure our readers are getting what they want.

After all, our readers are our potential next client or job seeker.

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