Content Marketing Webinar with @jasonfalls with #awarenessinc

by Kate Brodock on 25 March 2011

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This post has a joint goal.

The first goal is to highlight some of the thoughts from Awareness Networks webinar this past week, “What No One Is Telling You about Your Content Strategy with Jason Falls.”

The second goal is to play around with Storify, and see how it interacts with blog posting. So far, I like where storify is going. For this webinar, I specifically wanted to pull some of the comments coming out of twitter and put them into a blog post, and this looks like it may be a really great way to do that. We’ll see! (Also, apologies that I pulled out a lot of my own tweets below, I was typing like mad….)

  • Aaron Pearson

    Allan, I think on social the answer is no, not yet. On digital, the answer is maybe. Marketing dollars are hard to come by and it’s tough putting a ton of investment into activities that are hard to measure. So there’s tremendous incentive to build a program around an effective website and content strategy supported by online media where activity and ROI can be more clearly tracked and established. But in many cases, you still need buzz to establish yourself it social is important but it may start with traditional media. And face-to-face events and conferences and just really important complements to online activity. 

  • Nick Stamoulis

    If social media isn’t part of a B2B marketing strategy yet, it should be.  Social media is used differently by B2Bs than B2Cs but it’s still important.  No matter what your industry is, your target audience members are using social media and it shouldn’t be ignored.  

  • Allan Schoenberg

    Many thanks Nick and this is clearly a trend to watch. There is still plenty of room to grow for B2B marketers.

  • Allan Schoenberg

    Some very good points Aaron. I think companies are still struggling with who “owns” social media. B2B companies typically already lack the resources of B2C companies, which I think puts more of an empasis on having an internal champion. But I can see this changing as more customers use these networks.

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