Another sign that the numbers aren’t enough in social media metrics, you need quality

by Kate Brodock on 15 April 2011

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Remember how we’re always preaching that content, numbers, stats can’t always just be – well – content, numbers and stats?  They also need to be valuable content, numbers and stats if they’re going to be any worth to you.

A few weeks ago, AllFacebook posted a list, courtesy of Fanganger, that shows the top Facebook pages by engagement level.  You’ll notice from the first fifteen that it doesn’t always mean the one with the highest number of fans (one of the first metrics that people go to).


A few interesting things:

  • There’s an obvious correlation between number of posts and number of comments.  By check out Play Station’s numbers.  75 posts and almost 38K comments? Wonder what type of comments those are…. (long day, I’m not going to look them up right now)
  • The percentage of active fans on this lower than one might expect, but pretty in line with things like sales conversions etc.
  • 5 of the top fifteen are celebrities (mostly singers), 5 or so are TV shows (and 1 PlayStation) and 3 are sports teams. That leaves Victoria’s Secret as the lone “name brand” we often think of as marketers.  What’s this saying?…(will think on this for a bit).  I’m gunna look around for the full list and see where the big brands weigh in….

Anything else you’re seeing?

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