Social Media Revolution 2011 in video

by Kate Brodock on 23 June 2011

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We came across this beautiful video (or at least the music is beautiful), and wanted to share it.  It’s loaded with interesting and compelling stats from around the world on how digital and social technologies are being used. What’s the most interesting stat?

  • madhuri adodis

    Social media revolution is quite to be interesting to know about it..The video u have posted is really interesting to understand what the social media is..Its good to be here..Thanks for sharing !! web design company

  • Ray Creations – Web Designer

    Excellent video. And yes the music is good too. It explains very precisely with examples that social media is here and it is here to stay. However, I do feel that the video moves too fast. I had to keep the mouse constantly on the still button to freeze the video to properly read the and understand the frame. Very nice video.

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