Tracking & Measuring Online Influence with @briansolis, @britopian, @jonnybentwood and @andrewgrill #2012AcademicSummit

by Kate Brodock on 21 June 2012

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Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred
Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group
Jonny Brentwood, Global Head Analyst and Influential Engagement at Edelman


Michael Brito, SVP, Social Business at Edelman


Brito: We operate and live in a bubble, and we talk about influence a lot. But the topic of influence is being talked about more and more in the mainstream media.

Andrew: People are getting paid a lot of money to talk about products now. I use my network and seek out people I know for advice, and brands are now trying to find those types of people.

Brian: We’re, as brands, the real problem. We’re trying to automate too much, to syndicate our message to as wide a population as possible. You’re still pumping the same crap into more pipes. It’s not about getting someone to share something, but you have to give them value enough so that their network also wants to share it.

This is a hot topic because it’s so controversial. When you think about with the end in mind, that changes everything. When you have to justify the budget you’re using at the end of the process, that’ll make you think.

Brito: What’s the difference between influence and advocacy?

Brian: Influence is cause and effect, Advocacy is to advocate based on beliefs and experience. It comes down to intention. Brands are confusing both.

Jonny: A lot of people are confusing influence and popularity, and that just because you’re influential on one topic, you’re influential on all.

Andrew: We need to get away from just looking at the number.

Brian: We’re talking about human beings being indexed.

Brian: The one thing that none of these tools measure is trust. The brands in most cases don’t care if you have trust. They only care about whether you have a high score, because they’re betting in high impressions.

I’d like you to think about it this way. What if you did define outcomes, so you could see cause and effect based on your strategy and goals. You can create classes of users, etc.

Jonny: I want to argue with you on that. You said you can’t measure trust. We do. If someone repeats something I said without editing, that’s a high level of trust.

Brian: We’re talking about human beings and we’re talking about relationships. You just devalued the level of those relationships to a set of simple actions online.

Jonny: But it’s an indicator.

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