Thumbnail image for 1 in every 5 minutes online is being spent on social networks (and more data from ComScore’s 2011 Social Report)

1 in every 5 minutes online is being spent on social networks (and more data from ComScore’s 2011 Social Report)

16 January 2012

I’ve finally gotten around to reading ComScore’s 2011 Social Report that came out in late December.  There are some great, granular pieces of data taken from March 2007-October 2011. Some key stats: Social Networking is the most popular online activity. 1 in every 5 minutes of time online is now being spent on social networking sites [...]


Social Media Revolution 2011 in video

23 June 2011

We came across this beautiful video (or at least the music is beautiful), and wanted to share it.  It’s loaded with interesting and compelling stats from around the world on how digital and social technologies are being used. What’s the most interesting stat?


OED Behind the times? Definition of "blog"….

22 February 2009

My brother, a languaphile, just brought to my attention something very interesting.  He was curious how up-to-date the newest (print) edition of the OED was, and so he looked up the word “blog,”  It of course redirected him to “weblog” but the definition was the following: “…. run by 20-something Americans with at least an [...]


Google's Got Your Back: Defense against drunk emailing

7 October 2008

We use Google for almost everything here at Other Side.  So I was pleased when Joel from PAN sent us a post about Google’s new line of defense against emailing when you’re less than mindful. It forces you to think, literally, before an email goes out.  You can set it to activate on any day, [...]


Friday afternoon smile to take you to the weekend.

26 September 2008

I was going to post a piece on… well, I’ll wait on that until Monday, since it’s too late on Friday afternoon for anyone to actually read it. In the meantime, graphic designer Deb Gordon, who did our company website, passed on a great little piece to me that’s sure to put a quick smile [...]


If we had to invent the stop sign….

28 July 2008

This is fantastic.  If there were no such thing as the stop sign, and it needed to be invented, and someone decided to hire a marketing/advertising agency to get the job done. Related articles by Zemanta Stop Signs as Message Boards Stop sign design