Anya Woods

5 ways to create a successful Facebook page

4 March 2010

Anya Woods is the Director of Advancement Communications for Lesley University and has shared her thoughts on a recent Facebook page development project. I recently collaborated with our friends at Thought Labs - fantastic Facebook gurus - on the creation of a Facebook page for Lesley University. We just launched the page this week and [...]


3 things I learned about marketing in 2009

23 December 2009

Ahh, the yearly round-up. Something about the coming New Years bash makes everyone sit down and write up summaries of 2009 and predictions for 2010. Reflection is always a good thing to start with before launching into another year, so I sat down to think over a few things I learned about marketing and social [...]


Publish or die - marketing style

21 December 2009

Academics hear it all the time, it’s a mantra of sorts. Publish or die. Publish research, books, articles, etc. in order to maintain your career and keep your job. As a tenured professor, you’re expected to be creating new content on a regular basis. While publish or die has been a long standing expectation in [...]


Social media for the (regulated industry) masses?

6 December 2009

Consumer industries are in the thick of it now… for the most part companies selling direct to consumer have recognized the need for some kind of interaction in social media and have made at least some inroads in putting together a plan and a presence in relevant circles. But B2B companies still struggle with the [...]


Targeting audiences: A few thoughts to consider

24 November 2009

Every marketer struggles with this idea; if they don’t then they should. How do we know what our target audiences would respond to? What if we have multiple target audiences, how do we engage each without alienating the others? In what cases do we really need to step back and rethink the way we communicate [...]


Managing Meeting Madness

11 November 2009

I’m going old school this week to rant about something I actually haven’t faced in awhile but that is beginning to crop up again and drives me nuts. Meetings. Meetings about meetings. Being in meetings and having someone suggest, maybe we should schedule a meeting to discuss this. Really? We’re already IN a meeting! We’ve [...]