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Pretty Cool: Clay Shirky to join the Meta-Activism Project Board

6 August 2010

As many of you know, I put a good chunk of time into “labors of love,” and the Meta-Activism Project (MAP) is pretty near top of that list.  Because he’s influential in many fields, including that of social media, I thought it relevant to let you know that we’ve just got Clay Shirky on our [...]


Chapter Excerpt: How Digital Activism Empowers Existing Elites

19 May 2010

Image via Wikipedia It’s been busy around here, so I thought I’d show you a little of what’s going on…. I’ve written a chapter in a forthcoming book put out by MAP, and below is an excerpt (See here for original post). NOTE: On June 1st we’ll be posting a free downloadable copy of our [...]


Other Side Group Best Posts Part II

8 September 2009

Last week we gave you our 2008 best posts.  This week we’re wrapping up our 2009 best posts, determined by either most read posts or just stuff we like. Engaging Alumni in Social Media - 25 August 2009 Each group of alumni is unique, each school has different goals, and each social media program should [...]


Other Side Group Best Posts Part I

31 August 2009

We thought we’d scrounge up a list of past blog posts that have either been very popular, or that we think need scrounging up. The original plan was to give you everything from the start, but, since we slacked off in January and didn’t do a 2008 round-up, we’re giving you two installments.  The first [...]


Win a social media report for your non-profit!

15 June 2009

If you’ve been wondering how social media can help your non-profit, now’s the time to act! We’re offering a full social media report to the winning non-profit.* What you’ll be getting a strategic foundation for starting to use social media tools inside your organization, as well as prioritized tactics and techniques that we think would [...]


Other Side Group Welcomes Emily Anderson

1 June 2009

We want to welcome Emily Anderson to the Other Side Group.  Emily will be working with us over the summer as a content producer.  She will be posting on Ad Your Comments Here throughout the summer, and we look forward to hearing about her thoughts on the field.  For more information, check out her full [...]