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Thoughts on Flipboard: Content vs Social

5 August 2010

I’ve been using Flipboard for about two weeks now.  It’s all the buzz so I thought I’d put out a few of my thoughts on it so far. Do I like it?  Sure, it’s pretty.  Do I LOVE it?  Nope.  Keep reading…. What’s Flipboard? According to them, “It’s your personalized social reader.”  Wired describes it [...]


B2B Voices Post: Why Digital Media Outreach Shouldn’t Be Ignored

30 April 2010

Why you shouldn’t limit yourself to one method of sales communication.


Your Customer are Talking to You. Are you Listening?

19 October 2009

This article was written for PINK Magazine, published today. How do you grow when consumers and clients are spending less?  Maintain or increase marketing your business spending to get ahead of competitors who don’t, adjust your product portfolio, support your distributors, adjust pricing – all risky and challenging when cash flow is down. Thanks to [...]


Follow up: Legal Issues and Social Media

21 August 2009

Earlier this month I posted some thoughts on legal issues when using social media in your organization. We had a really great comment to that post, and one that deserves being called out and highlighted.  Doug Davidson, who blogs over  at Secure Value, works with ” business leaders and executives who are nervous their company’s [...]


Facebook buys FriendFeed

11 August 2009

An important piece of news was revealed yesterday, as Facebook purchased FriendFeed for a total of $50 million - $15 million in cash and $35 million in Facebook stock, which Mashable reported is worth about $6.5 billion. Facebook has apparently discussed joining forces with Friendfeed since 2007 and this deal only came about after an [...]


Socialbrite: "A Sharing Center to Advance the Social Good"

27 July 2009

Socialbrite is a hub that brings together social media tools with social causes and philanthropy in the online community. They provide people with tools and information about using the different social media platforms to directly impact their social cause. Here are a few reasons to check out socialbrite: 1. The Sharing Center on the Socialbrite [...]