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Thoughts on Flipboard: Content vs Social

5 August 2010

I’ve been using Flipboard for about two weeks now.  It’s all the buzz so I thought I’d put out a few of my thoughts on it so far. Do I like it?  Sure, it’s pretty.  Do I LOVE it?  Nope.  Keep reading…. What’s Flipboard? According to them, “It’s your personalized social reader.”  Wired describes it [...]


Online dating: Effective, efficient or just plain too formulaic?

11 August 2009

We’re always saying that technology is changing everything…and it is. We’re connecting with new people everyday through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so many more internet media services. Everything that we could bring online, we have; stores, banks, books, maps, mail, even schools, all have a strong presence online. Dating has shifted online as well. [...]


Making Music for Thing-a-Day (Pop!Tech guest post)

26 March 2009

Check out the piece I wrote over on the Pop!Tech blog about Ranjit Bhatnagar’s 28 hand-made musical instruments.