Berkman Center: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

My friend Lokman pointed out that The Berkman Center (he’s a fellow there) released a new piece of research today called Media Re:Public: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age:

“A series of papers exploring the potential and the challenges of the emerging networked digital media environment.”

On their download site you can find:

Overview paper

  • News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age (Persephone Miel, Robert Faris)


  • International News: Bringing about the Golden Age (Ethan Zuckerman)
  • Principles for a New Media Literacy (Dan Gillmor)
  • Public Broadcasting and Public Affairs: Opportunities and challenges for public broadcasting’s role in provisioning the public with news and public affairs (Pat Aufderheide, Jessica Clark)
  • Digital Media, Democracy and Diversity: an Imperfect Discourse (Ernest J. Wilson III)
  • Pride of Place: Mainstream Media and the Networked Public Sphere (John Kelly)
  • Editors — the best is yet to come? (Tom Stites)
  • A Typology for Media Organizations

Case studies

  • iReport: Participatory Media Joins a Global News Brand
  • The Gothamist Network: Gateway to Local News?
  • The Forum, Deerfield, NH: Seeking Sustainability in Hyperlocal Journalism
  • The Chi-Town Daily News: Creating a New Supply of Local News

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