BOCN: Liz Strauss on Understanding the Conversation Online

Understanding the Conversation Online Between Consumers: Focusing on blogging
Liz Strauss, Social Media Strategist and blogger at Successful Blog


  • Learn the value of words
  • Make your content accessible, and repurpose your content (don’t think you need to make a brand new piece of content every time)
  • If you blog true to yourself and they know who you are, they’ll trust you
  • Don’t just aggregate content, because that doesn’t offer long-term value based on trust
  • 7 Keys to Online Relationships
    • Show up whole and human
    • Talk in an authentic voice
    • Tell your own truth
    • Have room for folks to tell their story too
    • Don’t try to tie ideas in a bow
    • Half the show is in the comments
    • Be helpful not hypeful, it’s about them not you
  • Be sticky: Simple, Unexpected, Credibile, Emotional, Story, Satisfying
  • Be irresistible: Your head + Your heart + Meaning of life
  • On Twitter, people who don’t have bios, they don’t last three months
  • Those who can look forward and talk deeply will be successful

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