TiESE: Twitter Highlights of using Social Media in Non-Profits

A great event tonight on leveraging social media for your non-profit or social entrepreneurship efforts! Thank you to panelists Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Gradon Tripp (First Giving and Social Media for Social Change), Ken George (WBUR) and Joe Waters (Boston Medical Center), and also to our two case studies, Julie Soforenko (ACCION) and Sam Vaghar (Millenium Campus Networks).

Thank you also to TiE Boston for their support.

We’ll post up content here as it gets edited (it’ll all be up by the weekend’s end), as well as resources for everyone, including relevant speaker info. If anyone has any follow up questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section here, or email me directly.

To start, a few highlights of our twitter feed, #tiese. Sidenote, we were trending #2 in Boston for some time (a thank you to @cappypopp).

For the full twitter feed, look here. Stay tuned for further content.

Do you have any lingering questions or thoughts that we can all talk about in the coming days?

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  • Great Article!

    I couldn't agree more that non-profits, especially in todays economy, should being using social media as their driving marketing force. So much so, that The Jenzabar Foundation is offering a $3,000 grant to one U.S.-based non-profit organization based on a blogger’s demonstration on how they are either effectively utilizing, or propose to utilize, social media to raise awareness and/or funds for their cause.

    We encourage everyone to apply and continue to ride the social media wave towards bettering their causes.


    - The Jenzabar Foundation


    Blog (Social Media Award):
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