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There is a new face of volunteering that is keeping up with the increase in social media popularity. The YouTube channel Video Volunteers, a project of All for Good, connects non-profit organizations with people looking to volunteer, help out a good cause, or show off their video making skills. On the YouTube Video Volunteer channel, users can browse postings by NPOs for various video projects. Projects range from creating promotional videos helping organizations get their message out and editing videos, to recording live footage of events.

So how does it work? Non-profit organizations can post their request for a volunteer with a description of the job. Then, members of the YouTube community can browse for projects of interest. The contact information for the organization is provided so the next step is to connect and see how you can get involved with the project.

The Video Volunteers channel posts volunteer opportunities for locations all over the U.S. and all video making skill levels, so it is easy to search for projects in your area.

I think this is a great resource for users looking to give back to their community. It is effectively using a social media space to bring strangers together with face-to-face interactions, working together to better the community.

How do you think the YouTube Video Volunteer channel will affect the world of volunteer work? Will it be successful? Do you think it’s a good idea?

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