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Brain Zap: Content Production, Content Marketing, Curation, Post-Dating and Measurement

29 October 2010

Cranking Out Content (Chris Brogan, 28 October) - Blogging is tricky. Thinking up blog topics can take a lot of effort. Depending on what you’re covering, it can start to feel in short supply like you’ve covered every possible angle on your topic of interest. Further, as you get busy, your dedication to blogging often [...]


Brain Zap: Foursquare, social media withdrawal, and the Aha moment

19 September 2010

A couple of nuggets from the weekend reading….. 5 Ways to use Foursquare to Promote Unlikely Brands (8 September, The Buzz Bin):  Last week we chatted about some of the social media trends we should expect this Fall, one of them being location-based marketing.  Buzz Bin gives us a couple a ways to use Foursquare [...]


Brain Zap: Blog comments, Social media and wine, and Top 5

8 August 2010

Time for some more brain juice to get you going….. Are Blog Comments Dead? (Justin Levy, 30 July) Increasingly bloggers are concerned that even though they know that their posts are being shared through other channels, that their communities still aren’t commenting on their posts.  It’s a completely understandable feeling.  You work hard at putting [...]


Brain Zap: Minutes to blog success, non-profit content, getting heard, and social media monitoring

2 August 2010

It’s Monday.  You want to get off to a motivating start.  Here are a few things that popped into my RSS to get your juices flowing and hopefully jump start some action…. How to Create a Successful Business Blog in Minutes (HubSpot)  Fact: it is obscenely easy to set up a business blog today and [...]