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by Kate on 24 September 2010

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We’re big fans of Valeria Maltoni‘s Conversation Agent.  She talks a lot about content generation and creating effective content production strategies, which we’re obviously all about.  We’ve included below six of her most recent posts on the topic, as we found them all helpful.

New Content Strategy Resource - It turns out that attracting and converting people is not that simple anymore. The only way to build a bridge to relationships is increasingly one of permission and attraction.

Why Blog? Why Bother? Why Care? - Overall, …you should give people what they want in the way they want it.  But …. it’s good to challenge your readers from time to time. Once in a while, it’s OK to say, “Attention everyone! I do this for you, and I’d like to hear from you.”

How to Develop a Case Study - When we talk about case studies, what we mean is a bit simpler, although getting to the results takes work. We mean telling the story of how we progressed through solving a problem and delivering results.

34 Reasons to Start a Blog - Starting a blog shows commitment to a topic, industry, group, project, brand, etc. It establishes you as someone who can stick with a regular appointment, and has something to say, teach, and learn.

Would Your Content Sell? - What would happen if you turned the prevalent practice in your market on its head? Would people pay for your content?

Debunking 5 Myths about Content Marketing - The top reason why many organizations and people are holding back from building effective social presences is confusion about what constitutes good content.

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