Customer relations

Person-brands + Social CRM = Personal Relationship Management

4 April 2011

I just came across an old post I had starred from last May, “Macro Trends to Watch” from Edelman Digital.  I had sent the post to myself with a note that said “Social CRM -> Personal CRM.” I’m so happy I came across this - it fits perfectly into what we’ve been talking about with [...]


B2B Voices Post: Why Digital Media Outreach Shouldn’t Be Ignored

30 April 2010

Why you shouldn’t limit yourself to one method of sales communication.


Handling negative comments in social media

8 August 2009

A recent blog posting on ReadWriteWeb about why we tweet shows that many of us use Twitter for purposed-based activities, such as obtaining news, information, or work-related activities, rather than just for fun. The fact that people are actually using Twitter as a resource and are paying attention to the information is a double-edged sword [...]


Giving Freshbooks a little love back

11 August 2008

I went to SocialMediaBarcamp last week and had a few insights, but first and foremost, I wanted to comment on the philosophies of Canadian company Freshbooks, and specifically those of their Head of Magic (uh, coolest title ever?), Saul Colt. Saul loves his customers.  Saul loves people who aren’t his customers. A few examples: If [...]