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Worldwide Internet Usage [Infographic]

16 September 2012

This is a goodie. Brought to us by WebpageFX, this infographic shows us how the internet has been adopted around the world. But you may be surprised at what nations have adopted the internet the most…. Infographic by WebpageFX


Global new media?

5 May 2008

An area of interest of mine is international similarities/differences, especially in emerging markets. Another “area of interest” is finding opportunities (which can be a pain in the butt sometimes when your mind keeps turning and it’s 2am and you haven’t gone to sleep yet, but is usually rewarding). The following is a good example of [...]


Collins the Gorilla and a piece of candy

14 September 2007

florida lottery Firstly, my apologies for the hiatus. I was travelling, at a wedding, driving to Atlanta and starting school this week, all of which required a large amount of my brain power. This commercial, literally, rocks. Before you even see anything, you hear the unmistakable entrance of Phil Collins In the Air Tonight in [...]