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Other Side Group started in early 2008 as a straight up marketing strategy firm.  Almost immediately, clients started asking about this thing called “social media”, so we quickly focused our efforts on social media marketing.  We were in Boston, where several other boutique marketing firms were experiencing the same shift, we created a collaborative and supportive community, and we were able to grow and learn alongside the best of them.  We consider ourselves one of the first.

As for writing? Well, we’re just plain good at it. We’ve got too many liberal arts degrees under us, each requiring a lot of writing. We don’t balk when people say “Yes, I want 20 pages,” but can also put together a nice, to-the-point 200 word blog post. What’s even better? We love it, and we know how to do it for the web.

We’re now located mostly in Central New York, with part of our heart still in Boston.  We interact with our clients primarily virtually (a fairly common practice nowadays if you were wondering…), and we take pride in being attentive, easy-to-work with and professional but fun. We like clients who love what they do, want the best for their company, and like to laugh.

You can learn more about our teamour services, and our founder, and when you’re done with that, give us a call (or an email…or whatever).