The Importance of Making Your Content Rule: Chatting with @cc_chapman #highered

by Kate Brodock on 18 July 2012

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We were able to listen to CC Chapman today speak about content production and making completely awesome content for your audience.

CC is a best selling author and award winning marketing expert. Guaranteed to leave your audience educated, entertained and inspired!

Here are some of the talking points he gave us.

Creating content is easy. Creating ENGAGING content is harder.

Embrace that you’re a publisher: create an editorial calendar, think about enhancing events instead of just announcing them, what types of content can you be gathering?


Check out these stats…. enough justification?


Always ask why…. why do you think you need to be on Pinterest? Why a new Facebook Page? What are you measuring to? If you have a set goal and you know where you’re going, you’ll be able to move forward more effectively and strategically.

The visual web is now the norm.  Everything is visual online now. The written word is never going to die, but these types of mediums are much more prevalent than they were.

Tools do nothing, you have to do the work. Until you actually do the work, it won’t work.  You must create an emotional response. You want the people in your community to connect to the emotions of your content.

Don’t stop listening. Set up Google Alerts.

Don’t forget mobile. This doesn’t mean just smartphones. It means tablets, people are going to be consuming your content on several different devices.

Location is more important than check-ins. What other types of data can you be sharing. Your phone knows where you are, how can you use that to bring your audience value?

Always say hello. The internet is one big hallway, with a bunch of people to say hello to.

You’ve got to take the time, do the planning, and create the strategy before you move forward.


  • Remember, everyone is human! So speak human.
  • Reimagine, don’t recycle. How can you put a new twist on an event for compelling content.
  • Create wings and roots. Cover your bases, and make sure your content works across platforms.
  • Build momentum. This takes time, and content is a long-term play. Keep building your content and build on successes.
  • Stoke the campfire, once you have an audience, make sure you’re giving them a reason to stick around. Keep adding wood to the fire.
  • Just be honest with who you are, your industry and your audience.



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  • C.C. Chapman

    Wow, thanks for capturing and sharing this!!! So awesome to see you.

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