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Location-Based Marketing: Guest lecture notes

10 November 2011

I was able to guest lecture for Dr William Ward‘s two social media courses at the Newhouse School earlier this week.  Each class has gone over various topics in social media, and this week they focused on location-based technologies and marketing.  I’ve included some of the key clips below. Graduate Student Ashly Oehri also had [...]


Presentation: Using social networks to advance your career

6 October 2009

I did a quick talk at Emerson College today on using social networks to research companies, network, job search etc.  I focused a lot of the presentation on personal branding, as I think that’s the crux of this whole equation: if you can demonstrate your value easily and in a more robust fashion than on [...]


Presentation: Leveraging Digital Media in a Down Economy

24 February 2009

This is the final presentation for a talk I did last Thursday as part of BrightTalk’s Digital Media Marketing Summit. Have you changed your marketing mix in this economy?  Have you added components of digital media?  If so, have you found them successful?