Random Thoughts

Online dating: Effective, efficient or just plain too formulaic?

11 August 2009

We’re always saying that technology is changing everything…and it is. We’re connecting with new people everyday through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so many more internet media services. Everything that we could bring online, we have; stores, banks, books, maps, mail, even schools, all have a strong presence online. Dating has shifted online as well. [...]


Handling negative comments in social media

8 August 2009

A recent blog posting on ReadWriteWeb about why we tweet shows that many of us use Twitter for purposed-based activities, such as obtaining news, information, or work-related activities, rather than just for fun. The fact that people are actually using Twitter as a resource and are paying attention to the information is a double-edged sword [...]


Legal Issues and Social Media Use in Organizations

7 August 2009

You first have to have a legal structure that has considered social media before you talk about jumping over hurdles.


Social media isn't about numbers, it's about the value in your numbers

2 August 2009

We talk a lot in marketing about Reach (R), Frequency (F) and Impact (I). From my observations, too many people are focusing on just the R and F when it comes to social media marketing.

R and F cater to the 0.5 second blasts that people send out, which are usually memorable for perhaps 1 second total by the majority of “listeners.” This can be useful for general brand awareness. But what about the I? The brand IMPACT?


Social Media Resistance

8 July 2009

It’s a different world out there as more people are tweeting, meeting and friending left and right. The explosion of social media has brought a lot of light to the online community for purposes beyond practical use. However, some people are very hesitant to get involved because they are wary of sharing personal information. Any [...]


Keeping Social Media Social

1 July 2009

Social media is a great marketing tool for businesses because it has little initial cost. However, what many do not take into account is the man-hours needed to establish and maintain good communication with the community, be it followers, fans, or friends. Recently I came across an article about Fortune 100 CEOs’ lacking presence on [...]