Random Thoughts

Gladwell, Digital Activism and Social Media Marketing

8 October 2010

Last weekend I wrote a reaction piece on Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article about his lazy analysis of digital activism.  It made me think about the many parallels between the social media marketing and digital activism fields. In general, digital activism is following the same path that social media marketing has followed at a much [...]


Repost: Doing Business in Boston and the Need for Constructive Action

29 July 2010

[This was originally posted on Today and Tomorrow, but I thought I'd repost it, as it's important to the Other Side Group and all of its colleagues in Boston.] On Monday, Henry McCance wrote about why he moved his firm from Boston to Silicon Valley, and why Boston isn’t a good place to start a [...]


Rant: You need strategy first…. DUH!

28 January 2010

This isn’t a rant about people who don’t develop a plan before jumping into social media marketing.  This is a rant on people in the social media marketing field - myself included - who keep pressing the point about how important strategy is to a social marketing campaign. [For the record, I AM COMPLETELY GUILTY [...]


2010 Marketing Predictions and Hopes

30 December 2009

Well, it’s that time of year again.  What did we all just DO?  Where is it all GOING?  Here are a few of my predictions.  Most of them I truly feel will happen, but some of them I just really really hope to have happen. Social Media will stop being a bunch of tools and [...]


Online dating: Effective, efficient or just plain too formulaic?

11 August 2009

We’re always saying that technology is changing everything…and it is. We’re connecting with new people everyday through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so many more internet media services. Everything that we could bring online, we have; stores, banks, books, maps, mail, even schools, all have a strong presence online. Dating has shifted online as well. [...]


Handling negative comments in social media

8 August 2009

A recent blog posting on ReadWriteWeb about why we tweet shows that many of us use Twitter for purposed-based activities, such as obtaining news, information, or work-related activities, rather than just for fun. The fact that people are actually using Twitter as a resource and are paying attention to the information is a double-edged sword [...]