New Marketing Summit: The New Media Rollercoaster

Keynote: The New Media Rollercoaster, Cynthia Gordon, VP of New Media Marketing from Universal Orlando Resort

  • The internet has completely revolutionized and transformed people’s lives.
  • It’s like a giant collective brain, and we’re sending messages back and forth to each other.
  • The consumer is in control.  Blogging has become mainstream.  The past couple of years has shown me that I need to pay attention that.  I also needed to find new and innovative ways to get in front of the audience.
  • CNN is an adaptable channel, they partnered with YouTube to bring the debates to the masses.  They figured out the concept of citizen journalism.
  • John Stewart and CNN iReporting video.
  • We went from 3 channels to over 100 channels doing multiple shows a year.  It’s must more difficult to be a marketer at these companies.
  • Ultimately, TV is still people’s preferred medium of watching shows, and that will drive online viewing.
  • You can’t stop technology, you have to make it easier for people to get your content.
  • Discussed Halloween Horror Night
  • Brought up efforts for Harry Potter theme park opening.
  • Both of these did happen some time before a Press Release was put out.
  • To promote the opening of a new Simpson’s Theme Park, Universal leveraged the millions of avatars that were made in the wake of the Simpson’s movie and made an online world for them to play in.

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