What blogs do I pay attention to?

I had a good friend ask me for a couple of blogs and publications to read to get up-to-speed on the new media space as she interviews for marketing positions in her last year of business school.  I thought I’d share them with everyone while I was at it.  Keep in mind, this isn’t my complete list of new media blogs, but the ones I thought would be most helpful for her starting out.

  • Tara Hunt at Horse, Pig, Cow - Knowledgeable on the field, and focuses a little more on the societal aspects of this (for instance, she’s conducting Hero Camp next week, which I very regrettably can’t go to).
  • Tom O’Brien at A Human Voice
  • Adam Cohen at a thousand cuts - He’s a numbers guy by profession (works in SEO) but has great insight all around.  Also a really nice guy.
  • Chris Brogan - He’s very knowledgeable and very well-respected in the field.  He writes frequently and is usually on top of the industry.
  • Zach Hofer-Shall at &. - Does a good job of highlighting the shift between old Web and Web 2.0.  And again, a nice guy.
  • The Collective Intellect Blog
  • HubSpot’s Blog - Good for numbers and measurement stuff.  And they’re pretty light-hearted. Oh, and cool product to boot.
  • iMedia Connection - Great for everything, they have a ton of industry experts writing for them.
  • David Armano at Logic & Emotion
  • Mashable - Good for industry news.
  • Brian Solis at PR 2.0
  • Mitch Joel at Twist Image - I like this blog a lot, it’s on top/ahead of things.
  • Social Media Explorer

I also gave her this blog

Do you have any to add?  Feel free to pass along a link.

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