Packaging in an economic downturn and my eggs

Economic downturns always spur “marketing innovations” in terms of packaging: fewer chips in the same bag; visible “30% more product” for the same amount or money; make the mouth of the toothpaste tube smaller to compensate for consumers attempting to squeeze out less and “save.”  Basically, you want to either reduce your costs (give less) or induce buying (make consumers use more or make them think they’re getting more).

Well, this is expected from the big guys like P&G and K-C.

But I can’t lie when I say I’m a little disappointed in the egg guys for what looks like a pretty blatant attempt at this.  Witness below, four photos of “X-large” eggs currently in my fridge.  For a few weeks now, I’m pretty sure I’ve been subconsciously thinking about how the size “sure was looking small.”

So, this means I’m getting a whole lot less egg than I thought I was, or that they told me I was! According to these egg conversion rates, if I at any point wanted to have 1 full cup of egg whites, I have to use an extra egg to so.  So, by that logic, I have to use a whole 20% more product to get what I want.

If there’s anything I feel should be untouched, stable, promising and unmarketed, it’s eggs…..

I guess they’re allowed, I just didn’t want them to be.

Excuse me while put my chin in my hand and sigh at the state of the world….

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