Happy Birthday to Anya

Tomorrow is Anya’s birthday.  First question you’re asking: Kate, why the heck are you posting it now?  Well, she’s in China until next week, which means technically (or maybe not technically, but whatever), it’s now her birthday.  I thought I’d share with everyone a few of the many reasons why Anya rocks:

  1. I never have to remind her about anything.  Seriously.  That’s way more than I can say about myself (I have what’s called “Forced Attention to Detail,” or FAD, and often the F is missing).  She’s pretty much on top of everything, and that’s great.
  2. She knows her stuff. I’m usually very impressed and pleased at how she can add to conversation when speaking with clients, and they usually are too.
  3. She’s unassumingly tenacious (yes, that is Anya, and yes, she may be minorly upset that I posted this, but, like I said, she’s in China right now….):
  4. She’s downright hilarious.  The good kind of dry/sarcastic/demonizing/smart hilarious that kills me every time.
  5. She’s a great person, and a great friend.

Aright, that’s all you get, this is a business blog afterall.  In the meantime, PLEASE WISH ANYA A HAPPY BIRTHDAY (the 28th, technically speaking), either in the comments below, or on Twitter.


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