Win a social media report for your non-profit!

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If you’ve been wondering how social media can help your non-profit, now’s the time to act!

We’re offering a full social media report to the winning non-profit.* What you’ll be getting a strategic foundation for starting to use social media tools inside your organization, as well as prioritized tactics and techniques that we think would be most helpful.  And we’ll tailor the whole thing specifically to your goals and vision.

Let us  know about your organization and why you think a report would beneficial.

For more information and to submit your entry, visit our contest page.

Submissions will be accepted until 8 July.

If you’re not in an eligible organization yourself, feel free to submit on behalf of an organization of your interest, or pass along this information to someone you know.

* Non-profits are defined loosely for this contest.  We’d like to see organizations that are working towards socially responsible goals in their organization, and that could fall under a variety of legal categories.


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